Even after the Postmaster General announced that changes to the United States Post Office would be postponed until after the November election, dismantled sorting machines have been spotted littering the parking lot of one Grand Rapids area post office.

As the son of a former Post Master, I'm disheartened by how postal operations and the fate of the post office have become politicized. My dad proudly served as Post Master for a couple of small towns in Northern Michigan and is probably spinning in his grave (as they say) at the thought of a once-celebrated institution's inability to handle an influx of mail-in ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So why are sorting machines in Grand Rapids still being dismantled? Amy Puhalski, President of the American Postal Workers' Union in West Michigan tells WOOD-TV that  "it was possible that maintenance employees could have continued the work from the day before, unaware of the directive from the postmaster general to stop."

Puhalski admits that some moves instituted by new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy have already led to slowdowns at the post office.

“I think that some of the damage has already been done and caused some distress to the American people and to the mail system,” Puhalski said.

In the video below, you'll see dismantled postal sorting machines in the parking lot of one Grand Rapids post office and a dumpster filled with parts from dismantled machines.

All in the name of politics.


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