Delta Air Lines has asked the U.S. Transportation Department for approval to suspend flights to several airports including Bishop International Airport in Flint.

According to reports, travel demand has fallen by more than 95% because of the coronavirus pandemic and airlines and airports are trying to cut costs to stay in business.

Delta is looking to suspend flights to nine airports that would include Lansing, Flint and Kalamazoo in Michigan, Worcester, Massachusetts, Hilton Head, South Carolina, Pocatello, Idaho, Brunswick, Georgia, and Melbourne, Florida.  They state that between April 1-April 22, just 1 to 14 passengers daily flew on the airline's planes each way from those 9 airports.

The  Department of Transportation will need  to approve the request, but the Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Air Service Development at Bishop International Airport Pat Corfman said the airport will not file a rebuttal.

According to Corfman  the request to discontinue service, if approved, will last until at least September 30.

Delta is going by Jet Blue and Spirit in seeking the suspension of flight. This week the department said it rejected most requests by two other airlines, United Airlines and Frontier Airlines to suspend some flights.

Currently, Delta, Allegiant, American Eagle, and United have flight out of Bishop Airport.

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