*waves* Ummmmm, hey! Over here? Flint could use some money, too!

It's part of the "Foundation of Excellence" that was announced last night at a city commission meeting. The city was facing a $2 million deficit before this was announced, and the donation will help to cover those costs, as well as creating a plan for the future and lowering property taxes for residents.

"If you're expecting anyone to tell us - or anyone in this room - that the work has already been done, that's not what I or the city manager are saying because this is a heavy lift," Mayor Bobby Hopewell told Fox 17. "But what we can tell you is that the work is intended to do this."

Hmmmm...lemme do the math. So, $70 million minus $2 million for the deficit leaves $68 million. Can we have some? ;) Sorry, I think I'm just in awe that anybody could "anonymously" donate $70 million to, well, anything.