There are so many wonderful people to recognize, so let's start with a new hero every day.

Meet Tracey McDowall. She's a mail carrier and our very first Cars 108 Local Hero of the Day. This is the message we got from her daughter, Noel:

If you accept nominations of a person in the community I would really like you to consider mentioning my mom, Tracey McDowell.She is a mail carrier, still delivering daily and when she is home she has been working to make masks non-stop to donate throughout the community. She has done all of this through fabric donations or from things she had on hand and has not requested money from anyone. She has made about 200 masks so far and continues to do so and make deliveries of them regularly. Places like Hurley, McClare, Meadow Brook Manor in Clio etc. and various community individuals have all benefitted from her work

courtesy of Noel Strieter
courtesy of Noel Strieter

The plain white fabric was fabric donated by the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill- they had advertised bags of fabric that they placed outside for anyone to come and get to make masks.

She has made 300+ on her own (lol she clarified when I asked if she had made about 200 of them) Her sewing machine broke and she had to do a rush to the store to grab one in order to continue making masks. She does so much good with her sewing machine- not just now but always creating things for friends, family, others in need.


Thank you, Tracey, for everything that you do! You're a true hero of our community!

To nominate somebody that you know for Cars 108 Local Hero of the Day, you can send an email (with pictures, please) to

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