Ever since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended with Anthony Mackie inheriting the mantle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America — and the series ended with its title card changing onscreen from “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” to “Captain America and the Winter Soldier” — fans have been waiting for news exactly where the character would appear next. Would the show return for a second season under that new title? Would Mackie’s Cap get his own movie?

It appears that the answer is decidedly the latter. The Hollywood Reporter says that they have confirmed that Mackie will star in a new Captain America movie. It will be the fourth in the franchise following The First AvengerThe Winter Soldier, and Civil War, and the first since Chris Evans retired from the role of Captain America following 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

Accoridng to THR, the film will be written by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier creator Malcolm Spellman, along with Dalan Musson, another writer from the Disney+ series. The only thing they say about the story of the film is that it “will continue the story of Sam Wilson, played by Mackie, the current wielder of the shield.” There’s no mention of whether Sebastian Stan may appear in Captain America 4 as the Winter Soldier, if he may become the new Captain America’s permanent partner, or whether the film will continue any of the unresolved storylines from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, like the ongoing drama involving Sharon Carter, AKA the Power Broker of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The new Captain America movie does not have a release date yet.

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