We can understand how there might be some confusion. A gentleman from Michigan shared a hilarious video after a Buffalo Wild Wings Waitress took his drink order literally and brought him a screwdriver.

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I can feel wrinkles forming and hair turning gray, as I'm coming to the realization that a screwdriver - the drink made from vodka and orange juice - may have fallen out of favor with the younger generation. Now that I think about it, my mom used to order screwdrivers from time to time.

What Happened?

We can't pinpoint the actual location of the B-Dubs where this happened, but Tik Tok user @bhicks586 whose profile indicates that he lives here in the Mitten State shared the video on Sunday (2/6). (Maybe you recognize the decor and know where this may have occurred?)

Not knowing that a screwdriver is a cocktail (one that apparently isn't on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings), the waitress dutifully brought the customer an actual screwdriver - it looks like it's a flathead.

Maybe she thought he was going to tighten the legs on the table?

Waitress Response

"That's on me," she says as the party of guys laughs at the misunderstanding. [Note that the language in the Tik Tok video resembles the rim of a margarita glass.]

She also chimes in with a comment on the video, which by the way has been seen more than two million times.

"holy moly, that's me!!! Yeah I really didn't know why the wanted a screwdriver, but I found one!! Turns out it wasn't a real screwdriver....😳" [sic]

Did anyone in the kitchen find it odd that she was looking for a screwdriver?


@bhicks586 You get what u ask for eh?! 😭 @lang.anthony @randihc #bdubs #fyp ♬ original sound - hrandon_bicks3

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