Beaches in Muskegon, Michigan will look a little cleaner this summer thanks to a pair of litter bots.

There's nothing worse than sitting down on the beach only to find yourself surrounded by garbage, specifically cigarette butts. People don't want to have to clean those nasty things up and now they won't have to thanks to technology.

According to MLive, battery-powered bots/devices were recently on display at Pere Marquette Beach, where they’ll be deployed as one of multiple beaches and waterways to receive them in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio through a corporate-funded stewardship program.

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Searial Cleaners drones BeBot is a remote-controlled electric beach cleaning robot that cleans 32,000 square feet per hour. The Pixie Drone is a remote-controlled water drone that can collect up to 200 pounds of material per use. You can watch both in action in the video below.

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The bots were designed to clean up debris in the sand and in the water including plastic bottles, cans, straws, wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. This is a great tool to have to remove items that are difficult for humans to sift through and pick up.

Will We See More Bots on Other Michigan Beaches?

As of right now, they have plans to put these bots on beaches in Traverse City. I would have to imagine they will expand throughout the state in the coming years.

In a world of electric cars, robot lawn mowers, and vacuum cleaners, it's cool to see a company take the initiative to make this happen.

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