Baby Shark’s conquest of the entire entertainment industry continues unchallenged. It already holds the record for the most watched YouTube video ever with 8.9 billion views. (Yes, billion with a ‘b.’) It already has a television show on Nickelodeon, called Baby Shark’s Big Show, that’s among the top two most popular shows for kids under five, behind only Paw Patrol. Now it’s getting a movie too. Baby Shark will not rest until it has earwormed us all into madness.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Baby Shark movie is in development from Nickelodeon Animation and SmartStudy, the parent company that owns Pinkfong, the folks behind the “Baby Shark” multimedia phenomenon. Pinkfong USA CEO Bin Jeong told THR they’re “super excited to introduce Baby Shark’s very first movie with Nickelodeon. It will be an opportunity for us to introduce new events in Baby Shark’s life that haven’t been explored before. It will still be within the core world, but it’s an opportunity for us to see what else we can do.” Well, we already know Baby Shark’s mommy shark and daddy shark and grandma shark and grandpa shark. What other things could there possibly be to know?

In addition to the Baby Shark film, Nickelodeon is also creating a 26-episode second season of Baby Shark’s Big Show. (The first season is on the air now.) Presumably, after that we’ll get Baby Shark the disco remix, Baby Shark the breakfast cereal, Baby Shark the theme park, and Baby Shark the flamethrower.

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