As the start of a new school year draws near, parents and educators are concerned about what school may look like for their kids and themselves. But as one area woman notes, it's an opportunity for all of us to rise to the occasion and help each other -- in a time when all of us will clearly need help and patience.

Stephanie Krause is a mother of three who lives in White Lake. Earlier this week, she shared a post on Facebook which accurately sums up how many are feeling about going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. It starts out, "Back to school this year is ideal for NO ONE."

Her words have been shared over 3,600 times as of this morning. Krause said she was inspired to jot down her feelings after reading the many negative comments on her school district's Facebook page.

"I thought, none of this is great but we can do a better job framing it for our kids," Krause said in a conversation with Cars 108. "If we complain and choose to be bitter and angry, our kids will likely do the same."

Stephanie noted that her oldest is entering into his senior year of high school and her neighbor has a child going into kindergarten. It made her realize that all of us -- teachers, children, and parents -- are all approaching the school year from unique perspectives and need to be mindful of everyone else's concerns and anxiety.

"Maybe we all need to pause right now and be better. Be kinder. Choose empathy," she told me.

Her entire post as it appears on her Facebook page is printed here, with permission.


Back to school this year is ideal for NO ONE.
Not for teachers.
Not for parents.
Hybrid is not ideal.
Virtual is not ideal.
Face-to-face in the midst of a pandemic is not ideal.

For every kid who is anxious to get back to the classroom, there is another who has anxiety about returning.

For every parent who wonders,
“How am I going to manage this?”
There is a teacher wondering,
“How am I going to manage this?”
Often, a person wears both titles.

For every kindergarten parent who is sad that this is how their child will begin their education, there is a parent of a senior who is bummed that this is how their child will end theirs.

For every person angry about their child having to wear a mask, there is a person who is petrified their immune-compromised family member will get ill.

Life has thrown us a huge curveball.
A plot twist if you will.
It will not be easy.
We will be challenged.
We will get frustrated.

I hope we rise to the occasion.
I hope we help one another.
We will all need help.
I hope we treat each other with grace.
We will all need grace.
I hope we realize that at the end of the day, our kids need us to be the light.
Set the tone.
See the good.
Take a really unfortunate situation and do our best to make it okay.
For them.
For us.

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