The later game time means more drinking, more bad behavior, and more work for the Ann Arbor police.

The Game Start Was Moved Back To 7:30pm To Accommodate TV

The Ann Arbor Police and Fire Departments are not real pleased about the Michigan v. Michigan State game at the Big House being pushed back.

Both departments retweeted a meme from Sara Wennersten showing the beleaguered Ben Affleck catching a smoke outside with a look of disdain upon his face.

"Most accurate meme we've seen today"  the A-squared cops tweeted in showing their knowledge of the public drunkenness headed their way next Saturday.

The comments under the tweet is where the real joy comes in, as some M students get a slam in at the State tradition of burning couches. Like this shot from Chris Robin:

Last time I checked they don’t burn crap in Ann Arbor following a win or a loss.

And this one from Mike:

Rest easy police….sparty fans leaving when 4th qtr starts

On Facebook, the AAPD added this caveat:

Some memes are funny. Some are childish. Some are wildly accurate.

These people probably aren't drinking too excess, are they?

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

Becca dropped some knowledge going back to last season's encounter in East Lansing, which had a tragic incident:

I will avoid Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti this weekend. Stay safe officers. Now is a good reminder that #BrendanSanto went missing @MSU  during the big game between the rivals & was later found in the river.

And Matt countered with a meme of his own:

Remember This Guy?

As far as my own experiences go, I have never NOT encountered drunkenness at a M-MSU game, including this asshat who made my section at the 2015 game miserable with his drunk rantings until he cussed at a child and was hog tied and carried off by Stadium police.

It's a shame he missed the famed blocked punt touchdown that led to a Spartan win because he was passed out face down in a jail cell.

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

Enjoy the game, and remember, cannabis is a much chiller way to enjoy the game.

Sparty on, Wayne. Sparty on, Garth.

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