As a father of twins, I'm always intrigued by stories like this -- especially when there's a happy ending.

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An Indiana woman who set out to find her birth mother discovered more than she expected. Karen Warner recently learned that she has a twin brother and that he lives just five blocks away.

Mike Jackman tells WTHR-TV that he remembers Warner from high school.

“We weren’t really friends, we just knew each other," he said. “We were acquaintances. We actually went to school together.”

The 51-year-old residents of Elwood, Indiana became friends on Facebook months before Karen made the discovery. She tells the TV station that she learned her birthmother's name a few years ago when adoption records in Indiana became unsealed. She was stunned to learn that she had a fraternal twin, but was unable to find him while poring through adoption records and websites.

Then, Karen was able to search through voter registration records and found three men in Indiana who shared her date of birth. The third one turned out to be Mike.

She sent her old classmate a message on Facebook, saying that he could possibly be her twin brother.

“I didn’t know I had a sister, let alone a twin sister,” Mike said.

A DNA test confirmed that the two were born to the same woman 51 years earlier.

They also discovered that they had been living in the same community, just five blocks from each other for the last three years.

“It’s filled a void in my life I didn’t know was there,” said Mike. “There was something out there, I didn’t know was there and now it’s here. She’s here.”

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