The Zombie Dash could have used some help from Mother Nature.  For those who braved the cold and rainy conditions, running the trails at the Holly Recreation Area in the dark while trying to avoid Zombies proved to be a lot of fun. The main drawback of the bad weather was that it was unpleasant to hang around and watch all the other victims, er, runners try to make their way through the zombie gauntlet. Once you were on the trail and moving, you didn't really notice the cold and dampness.  A large contingent of zombies were hiding in the bushes and ready to scare the daylights out of you while you navigated the trail through the woods at night. My wife and I both ran the Zombie Dash and enjoyed the experience.  Despite the rain, the trail was in pretty decent condition for running.  the 5.75k course had several good downhill stretches, which made for easy motoring through the woods.  If you chose to sit this one out due to the weather, there will be an "urban" Zombie Dash in downtown Grand Rapids on October 27th.  If you ran despite the weather, and enjoyed yourself, you might want to go too!  Get details on the Grand Rapids Zombie Dash and results from our Zombie Dash at