As a man, I am slightly confused. Perhaps even befuddled. Isn't the purpose of scented candles to cover up undesirable odors, usually created by, um, men?

Perhaps this gimmick will catch on, but that will only happen if women buy them for men. Yankee Candle is known for their homey scents like "sugar cookie" and "kitchen spice" or "vanilla cupcake."

The newest offering, which will be available for a limited time (probably until they can unload them) brings us fragrances such as "2x4," "Riding Mower," and "First Down." Let's not forget the 4th offering in the "man candle" series, "Man Town." I'm not sure I want to know what that smells like.

As I stated so eloquently at the beginning of this article, the purpose of scented, or "fou-fou" candles is to cover up smells generated by guys.

This has "gag-gift" written all over it. Yankee Candle just hopes that somebody buys them.