This seems to be the hardest time of the year to keep your car clean. April showers create May flowers AND muddy conditions and splash opportunities for your vehicle. Most people just pay the $5 or $6 and roll through the automated car wash, but that's not for my baby! My 2006 Pontiac Solstice has never seen the inside of a car wash, unless you count the self-service bays. I'd almost be afraid to try and take it through a regular car wash because the vehicle sits so low to the ground. I'm not sure it would clear some of the tracking, so  hand-wash, or hand spray it clean, usually a couple of times a week.

My Solstice is one of the "First 1000" built. It is actually number 253 that Pontiac built in the summer of 2005. I won the "right" to buy it through the TV show "The Apprentice", when Pontiac did a special promotion to kick off Solstice sales.

She's a beauty, and as we approach her 7th birthday, I'm just rolling past 33,000 miles. With thundershowers likely today, I'll be singing the Jim Croce song, "Workin' at the Car Wash Blues" again!