Approximately 300 people in the US will be fired today because of this. What?

An April Fools Prank! Congratulations to today's winner, Sue Tarkowski from Clio.


About 30% of us say we won't give this up, no matter how bad the economy gets. What?

Coffee! Congratulations to today's winner, Mike Sparkman from Burton.


The average woman does this about three times per year. What?

Stays in her PJs all day! Congratulations to Amanda Lyttle from Lapeer.


According to a survey of women, 33% say that if this happens it work, it puts them in a bad mood. What?

An underwear problem! Congrats to today's winner, Cyndi Gilliam from Flint.


According to research, if you have two coworkers who are dating each other, there is a 38% chance this will happen. What?

They'll Get Married! Congratulations to today's winner, Tammy Bigelow from Flint.

- George McIntyre
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