So how mad do you have to be at your husband to cut off his manhood and then throw it down the garbage disposal? One woman in California did this as she tied him to the bed and cut off his penis and then tossed it down the disposal. Wow, talk about a little crazy but then again you do remember Lorena Bobbitt don't you?

Fox News reports the couple was having problems and the wife said her husband deserved it. Just before she cut off his manhood, she slipped drugs in his food and as he fell asleep she prepared for the attack, but he woke up while she was cutting his penis off. That had to be a little painful, but he is expected to be okay.

The woman is in custody and bail was set for $1 million. She also faces other charges including assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse. Do you think you would ever get that mad to do something this crazy?