It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Family Feud, and its original host Richard Dawson.  I thought I knew everything about him and the show, but since his passing a week ago I have learned much more.

So, here we go with some interesting facts you may not have known.  "Top 9 answers on the board...  Name a reason that Richard Dawson is a true legend."  See what the survey says after the jump!

1)  He kissed more than 20,000 women during the original run of Family Feud, earning him the nickname The Kissing Bandit.

2)  He always had the right answer on Match Game.

3)  He stood up for contestants on every game show he was on.

4)  He played one of the coolest movie villains ever.

5)  He received rave reviews for his role on Hogan's Heroes.

6)  He released a psychedelic rock single in 1967.

7)  He was much smarter than your average Joe. Who else could take on some of the dumb dumbs that has been on the Feud with more aplomb?

8)  He had an amazing sense of humor, as seen on classic TV shows like Laugh-In and The Odd Couple.

9) He was the original host of the classic game show Family Feud. Check out the pilot below.  Notice how much the board and set changed from the pilot to the 1970s set we're used to.