There will be no confusion or fighting over property and money following Whitney Houston‘s death. Houston reportedly left everything to her only daughter  Bobbi Kristina. It's probably not considered a surprise that former husband  Bobby Brown, was left entirely out of the will.

A report from  Inside Edition, claims that Bobbi Kristina, will inherit the entirety of her mother’s estate, including money and property when she turns 21. Since she is only 19, the money will be held in a trust for the next two years. When she turns 25, she will have access to a greater sum of money. Upon her 30th birthday, she will be receive what’s left. Clothing, jewelry, furniture, personal items and cars are all bequeathed to her.

Brown is mentioned in the will, but he is not a recipient of any of his ex-wife’s assets. Houston did make a provision for Brown in case Bobbi Kristina pre-deceased her. In that situation, Brown, her mother Cissy and other relatives would split the remainder of the estate. Cissy is named the executor of the estate, with her brother Gary and sister-in-law Patricia serving as the trustees.

It begs the question, however. If Houston provided for Bobbi Kris, why did the family resort to selling funeral footage for her financial benefit? It makes one wonder just how much Houston left behind, as she was reportedly deeply in debt.