This morning (October 9th) Felix Baumgartner will attempt to make history by plummeting 120,000 feet (roughly 23 miles) from the edge of space, high above Roswell, New Mexico -- watch it live here!

If successful, Baumgartner will shatter the previous record of 102,800 feet and become the first man to break the sound barrier, reaching speeds upwards of 700 mph. Others who have break the existing record have lost their lives, which Baumgartner is well aware of. "If something goes wrong, the only thing that might help you is God," says the 43-year old skydiver. "Because if you run out of luck, if you run out of skills, there is nothing left and you have to really hope he is not going to let you down."

Just to give you some perspective on exactly how far Baumgartner is set to fall, the entire fall will last nearly ten minutes. No matter how much money Red Bull handed us, we wouldn't go anywhere near that jump. Good luck, buddy!

Watch the Jump Live