It was a blast doing the Warrior Dash on Saturday and they just announced the event will be returning next year. They encouraged everyone to dress in costume so I took a few pictures of some of my favorites and thought I would share them.

  • The Pink Tutu's

    We decided to wear the pink tutu's along with skull and bone knee socks and hats. We figured this was a good way to stand out in the crowd. We had a lot of compliments on the outfits during the race and they didn't stay pink for very long. We stayed true to fashion in our warrior gear and were ready for the big challenge.

    Courtesy of Erin Bishop
  • Super Hero's

    These guys didn't really want their picture taken but they were super hero's so we had to take one. They looked ready to race and no time to chit chat. They were getting ready to warm up when I stopped them to ask for a picture. They also said it took about an hour to get ready for their costume.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • Construction Worker

    I'm digging the cut off jean's and at first I wasn't sure if he was in costume or not. As he was walking away from his brief warm up, I asked him to stop to take a picture. He didn't give an explanation of his attire but just said he thought it would be fun to wear the cut off's.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • The Blue Man

    It was hot out so we were wondering how he was doing in his costume. He was still clean so obviously he was getting ready to race. He actually did the race in Ohio and said he was hoping to improve his time here in Michigan.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • The Blue People

    Even though they are both dressed in blue, her outfit is designed to be a cat. It may not look like that but she said that's what it was supposed to be like. She also did the race in Ohio and was ready to try it again here because she had so much fun.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • Pink Boys

    These boys decided to get a couple of fraternity brothers together and do the race. They decided to go with pink spandex for the attention and figured it would be easier to race looking like this. They were ready to go and try out the race for the first time.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • The Green Man

    This guy finished the race in 35 minutes and said he repainted himself afterward. It seems like a lot of work to dress up in costume again but he said he wanted to be in green all day. We were still pretty muddy after rinsing off so I couldn't imagine reapplying color to myself.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • Warriors

    I was trying to figure out this costume and it's a mix of super hero/warrior and I thought they did a good job dressing up. The guy with all the paint on him said it took about an hour to do this. They look so clean but I didn't want to tell him that it was going to smear in the first 15 minutes but I'm sure he figured it out.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • Luscious Lee Wade

    This is by far probably one of the more disturbing costumes but quite entertaining at the same time. Luscious Lee Wade was very proud of his outfit and wanted everyone to know it. He was just about to race when we took his photo. This was his third warrior dash so he was ready to compete.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop
  • The Dirty Tutu's

    Of course I have to add our picture of what we looked like after the race. We wanted to see how dirty we could get our tutu's and I think we did a good job. After going through the first mud pit, it went downhill from there. At that point you just had to dive in the mud and go for it. This is what it's all about.

    Courtesy Erin Bishop