It is commonplace for a local television station to break into programming and alert viewers when a violent storm is approaching. Not everybody likes it.

Especially when it interrupts the season finale of his or her favorite TV show. During a violent storm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area, KSFY-TV weather anchor Shawn Cable broke into prime time programming to warn viewers to take cover as a tornado had been spotted on the ground.

Not everyone was grateful. The ABC affiliate was reportedly deluged with phone calls, emails and Twitter postings complaining about the station’s decision to break into the finale of “Once Upon A Time.” Heck ya...we have our priorities.

The next morning, KSFY’s Sean Cable (morning anchor) was reporting on the storm and Davelaar’s story, his co-anchor could not contain herself. Nancy Naeve ripped into the people who reportedly called and complained about the station breaking into the previous night’s programming. Should she have done that or should she have just let it go? Watch the video.