Parents be warned, this article is not appropriate for young children.  As a matter of fact, that type of disclaimer should have been used by a Chicago news station prior to what you are about to see.

It was after a story about the struggles many face when it comes to gift-giving during the holidays that WFLD Anchor Robin Robinson said Santa doesn't exist.

Admittedly, this was news to me.  But as a 33-year-old man, I can deal with such devastating news.  I'm just glad my kids weren't in the room when I saw this video.  Local news stations cover stories dealing with homicide, rape and war which are obviously not topics that any child should be exposed to at a young age.

The truth is, many Americans watch the news with children in the room.  I've noticed that my kids tune it out until a commercial comes on for a cool new toy or a pizza place.  But believe me, if they hear the word "Santa," they quickly pay attention.  Check out her initial rant in the video below, followed by her apology in its entirety.