It was a busy and exhausting weekend for my wife and I. As preparation for the Mohican Trail 100 mile race in June, we used the Running Fit Trail Marathon/No Wimps Challenge as a good tuneup. The No Wimps Challenge consists of running a 13.1 mile (half marathon) race on rugged trails on Saturday. Then on Sunday, it is followed by a 50k (31 mile) ultramarathon on the same stretch of trail near Pinckney, Michigan.

44 miles over two days is good prep for a 100 miler. The second day of running is done when your legs are already a little fatigued, and someone who runs 100 miles will spend plenty of that running on tired legs.

My wife Shelia and our friend Jeff Lewis, from Otisville finished the 50k today in 7 hours. They ran the half marathon yesterday in two hours and twenty minutes. An easy pace for both of them, and one they hope to be able to sustain for 100 miles.

A dip in Silver Lake was in order after the 50k. The cold water has the same effect as a big ice pack on your body after you push it hard for an extended period.

I took part in the half marathon on Saturday, and walked/ran it in two hours and 40 minutes. I will take on the role of pacer in the 100 mile event, pushing our tired runners through the last 40 miles. My wife has done that for me in three different 100 mile races, so it's high time I return the favor!

If you know someone who took part in the Trail Marathon Weekend, you can get results and more details at:

Next up on the training calendar for our 100 mile crew is the Qualifier Marathon on May 20 in Midland.
A week later it's the Grin & Bear It 50k in Lowell, Michigan.

Then it's three weeks of rest before the big 100 mile run. I think they are ready to go the distance!