So today is Valentine's Day so if you're single, you may be kind of down because you're not dating anyone. But hey that's okay because it's just another day so it's no big deal. If you do feel like you have to do something today to take your mind off of the fact you are single, I've come up with some ideas to get you through this day.

  • Pamper Yourself At The Spa

    Why not treat yourself to the spa today just because you deserve it. Maybe you've been really stressed at work or just need a little relaxation, book an appointment for a massage or facial. A lot of spas have really good Valentine's Day deals. When you come home, relax with some wine and chocolates.

    Nick J Webb, Flickr
  • Go Out With Friends

    I usually go out with friends on Valentine's Day because it's a chance to catch up and a good excuse to be out if you don't want to sit at home tonight. Get your girlfriends together and go see a movie, go to dinner or go to happy hour. Drinks and some time with friends is always a good thing no matter what.

    Pboyd04, Flickr
  • Get Your Hair Done

    There is nothing better than getting your hair done, no matter when you do it. But again, if you want something to take your mind off today, treat yourself to a new style and color. A new style will do wonders no matter what.

    Corey Ann, Flickr
  • Watch Your Favorite Comedies

    We all love the romantic movies but if they're going to depress you today, watch your favorite comedies instead. "The Hangover," "Wedding Crashers" and "Dazed and Confused" are a few of my favorites. The best part about watching movies is you can sit on the couch in your sweats with a bag of popcorn.

    Hot Rod Homepage, Flickr
  • Buy Yourself Flowers/Chocolates

    If you really wanted flowers today, go ahead and buy them yourself to sit on your desk at work or home. Or stock up on your favorite chocolates and enjoy them today. Some stores are selling chocolate covered strawberries today so if you want them, buy them. I almost bought some yesterday so I think I'll go back today because they looked really good.

    Amiefedora, Flickr