Phones and cameras have come so far in the past few years. Here's a new App for your phone to let you take pictures on your phone in the dark.

The Night Vision Camera app lets you take photos of anything you want in complete darkness.

The app is made by Fingersoft, and the Night Vision Camera app gives your phone the ability to go infrared. Here is a list of a few pros and cons.


  • Light sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Clarity (for infrared) is fairly good
  • Flash control
  • Ability to take photos in lighted situations as well
  • Free


  • The image orientation can be funky, especially on tablets
  • Can sometimes be twitchy with the quality of the picture, depending on the amount of light available
  • The zoom can cause fuzziness in the photo, especially when light is at very low levels

Night Vision Camera app is available to download for Android platforms.