Stressed at Work? Blame Your Parents
In today's corporate world it might be easy to blame the boss for your work related stress,  but a new study suggests that maybe your family is at the root of the problem.
It's not that it's really their fault. It is more likely, scientists say, that genetics are playing a signifi…
Stress – Much More Than 25 years Ago
It has never been done before and the first-ever historical comparison of stress levels across the US have given researchers data that many of us have already suspected for years. We are a lot more stressed out today that we were 25 years ago.
Stressed? Blame Too Many Facebook Friends
As your number of Facebook friends increases, your stress level may rise as well.  Researchers at the Edinburgh Napier University interviewed about 200 college students, and and 175 online participants, and found that the usefulness of the site can be overshadowed by the stress it causes.
Read m…