Rod and Erin

Rod & Erin’s Teacher Honor Roll
This week's lucky winner with our Teacher Honor Roll is Heather Hulswit, a seventh grade history teacher at Atherton Middle School. She was nominated by a former student for being a dedicated teacher who cares about her students' outcome and makes learning fun...
Odd Jobs With Rod And Erin Could Be Coming To Your House
Over the last couple of weeks you have most likely heard Erin and I talk about odd jobs that we have done in our lives over the years. The most memorable and by far the worst job I have ever done was work in a pickle factory, I'm surprised I still eat  pickles after that experience. Having said that…
Odd Jobs With Rod And Erin
Even though I have spent most of my adult life working at radio stations, I still have had to do other odd jobs at times to supplement my income. I have even had the pleasure of being the neighborhood ice cream man, you know the guy that drives the annoying little truck around subdivisions playing l…
Rod and Erin’s Pets [Gallery]
Earlier, Rod and I talked about extreme pet pampering products, including dog strollers, crystal brushes and glass bead leashes. We also wanted to know how extreme you are with pampering your pets and encouraged you to send us photos. We have put together some pictures from everyone who sent us some…
Donald Trump’s Hair Mystery Solved
We've all made comments about Donald Trump's hair and we've always wondered if it was real or fake. In fact, Rod and I had this discussion last week because Oprah wanted to have him on her show to give him a makeover. A "Vanity Fair" writer claims she's figured …
Paczki Eating Contest
We celebrated Fat Tuesday at VG's Grocery in Davison. While we were there, we decided to hold a paczki eating contest. Congrats to our winner, Davison Mayor Tim Bishop! Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning.
How Many Paczki’s Can You Eat?
Do you think you could eat more paczki's than myself or Flint Mayor Dayne Walling? If you're up for it, we want you to sign up and challenge us on Fat Tuesday in our paczki eating contest.
It’s Finally Down to the Top 24
Last night, the American Idol judges finally chose the top 24 contestants. I thought the first hour was pretty boring, since a lot of the contestants didn't know any of the Beatles songs.
DJ’s By Day, Actors By Night
Every week we play Thespian Theater with a chance for our listeners to win a movie and a smoothie.  We think this latest movie is by far the best acting we've done all year.
Is It All Right To Save Parking Spots?
Especially at this time of year, parking lots are always full and it's always hard to find a parking spot.  What do you do when you try to pull into a spot and someone is standing there and says they are saving it for someone?

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