Did O.J. Simpson Confess To Killing Nicole Brown Simpson?
There have been rumors going around that O.J. Simpson confessed to killing Nicole Brown Simpson, but of course his reps deny the report. NESN.com reports they first got the story from the reliable "National Enquirer" and went on to say that Simpson confessed to one of Oprah's …
Oprah Winfrey’s Dream Interview Is O.J. Simpson
Oprah has interviewed some very impressive people during the time she was on TV, but she still wants to talk to a few more people. She recently revealed two people who she still would like to have on her show and they are O.J. Simpson and Susan Smith, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Oprah’s Finale Earns Biggest Rating in 17 Years
Oprah went out with a bang the other day, scoring the highest overnight rating in 17 years, according to Entertainment Weekly. It probably helped that she had a ton of celebrities on her finale, including Madonna, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and even Maria Shriver.

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