Chasse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio

Chasse Ballroom and Latin Dance ‘Dance Contest’ [UPDATED]
Do you enjoy dancing? Would you like to become a better dancer and bring your partner along? Cars 108 has teamed up with Chasse Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio, Summerset Salon and Day Spa and the Flint Journal's Women's Expo to help you out with some fancy dancing. Find out more after the…
Chasse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio Dance Contest
Do you consider yourself a good dancer? Have you always wanted to take a dance lesson with your significant other? Now you will finally have an excuse to get your partner on the dance floor as we present the Women's Expo Dance contest with Chasse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio. Find out …
Cars 108 Summer Showcase [PROMOTION]
And the winner is...  (Drum roll, please) Sarah Hergenreder from Vassar!
Sarah got to choose from five Cars 108 Summer Showcase packages, and was delighted to pick the "Ultimate Couple's Giveaway" from Chasse Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio!
The Sweetheart Dance
If you're not sure what you're going to do for Valentine's Day, do not worry because we have planned something for you.  Join us at Chasse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio on Saturday for an evening to remember.
Dance With Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day!
I called my husband earlier this week and asked him to hold February 12th for an evening of dinner and dancing.  Typically, we do not celebrate Valentine's Day, yes you heard me right!  Our anniversary is one week later, so we never really felt the need to celebrate both, until now!