America’s Best Bathrooms? Where to Find Them?
You just never know when you walk into a bathroom what you will find. Some are clean and tidy while other look like they are remnants from an outhouse.
However, someone who is well traveled will tell you that there really are some outstanding facilities available that raise the bar of the total bathr…
Beware Bathroom Peepers With iPhones!
This story will make you look around the next time you use a public restroom. It's the story of an enterprising intern at a CVS store in Albany, NY who tried to get hot shots of ladies in the rest room taking care of business.
Zimbabwe Cop Imprisoned After Using President’s Bathroom
A cop in Zimbabwe has been locked up in the police barracks for the past month because he had the audacity to use a bathroom reserved for Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (pictured) during a trade show.
Mugabe wasn’t using the bathroom, and homicide detective Alois Mabhunu really had …