It's a rite of spring at my house. It doesn't matter whether the groundhog sees his shadow, or what the date on the calendar says.
Each year, usually a few weeks before it is "OFFICIALLY" spring, I celebrate the coming season by rolling the Solstice out of storage, and prepare for a summer of driving fun!
This will be my sixth summer with the Solstice. Pontiac quit making them after the bankruptcy of General Motors and the elimination of the Pontiac brand.
This particular Solstice is a collector's item. It is #253 of the first one thousand made. Pontiac did a promotion with the television show, "The Apprentice", for the "First 1000" contest.  I was fortunate enough to win one of those opportunities to buy one. It's a shame that they don't make them anymore because everyone should experience the excitement that comes from being behind the wheel.
Along with the driving experience, you also get to welcome spring a little bit early every year!
At my house, Spring arrives TODAY!