Many pollsters are calling the presidential race a close call in their quest for the White House, Although many polls show them close to being even, a new survey says that president Obama has a lock on one segment. People who use smartphones appear to be much more likely to vote for the incumbent president.

A Harris Interactive poll researched 800 iPhone and Android users, the group found that about half were planning to vote to keep the president in office for a second term, while less than a third said they’d cast their ballot for Romney.

In all, 56 percent of smartphone owners with at least a college degree said they’re voting for Obama, with about a third of that group favoring his GOP challenger. Its also the same trend we see with the people polled who had household incomes of at least  $75,000, half are Obama supporters and about a third are Romney fans.

The only category that Mitt Romney held an edge in the poll was with retirees. Those older smartphone users favored Romney by a margin of 57 percent to Obama’s 34 percent.