Sheriff Pickell stopped in the studio today to give us an update of things going on in Genesee County. Before we started, he wanted to publicly thank the board of commissioners for rejecting a proposal to layoff more people in his office.

Sheriff Pickell says he was summoned to the budget subcommittee on finance by County Controller George Martini. Martini had recommended to take away some positions in the sheriff's office, including one lieutenant, one sergeant and three deputies. The sheriff explains what he brought to the meeting:

"We went to the meeting and I brought an AK-47, one kilo of cocaine, 185 hits of heroin and guns and drugs that were taken off the street in the recent past. I had Captain Swanson demonstrating the drugs."

The sheriff wanted to bring in these drugs so he could explain that these are the types of drugs that are going to get in the community once you lay off people in his department. Sheriff Pickell also went on to say that he knows the budget is tight, but said not to eliminate things that are public safety oriented.

The sheriff thanked board members, including Board Chair Jamie Curtis, for realizing it was going to be a bad idea for these layoffs. Board members ended up rejecting the proposal on Tuesday.