An elementary child, Wilson Reyes, ended up in the police station all day after a tussle at school. Mom and dad have filed a $250 lawsuit against the NYPD because of it.

A fight began in the school after the youngster allegedly picked up $5 that he found in the hallway at school. It all started when Reyes allegedly picked up $5 in lunch money that somebody else had dropped in the halls of his school.

The youngster ended up at the police station and was held on suspicion of robbery and assault.He was handcuffed and for 10 hours while police sorted things out. He was eventually released because of a lack of evidence.

His parents arrived at the police station and Wilson's mother, Frances Mendez, said. "It was horrible. I couldn't believe what I was seeing,"

Police say that the family's account of the incident is in error, however the Internal Affairs department is looking into the accusations. Whatever the complete truth, you have to wonder why the police were involved. Shouldn't this have been handled inside the school?