Every time I visit a zoo I can't help but wonder what the animals behind the glass are thinking.

This might be my answer.

Sea Lions have a long history of positive interactions with humans. Just a week ago, a video that showed a sleepy baby sea lion cuddling with a guy fishing on his boat went viral. They are a big help in the training of scuba divers and the people of Peru have worshiped Sea Lions for centuries. They are quick, smart and easy to train, so that makes them a must see during any trip to the zoo. The video below is also a great example of the friendly relationship that often springs up between humans and Sea Lions.

In the video, little Ariel Myren is visiting Smithsonian's National Zoo. As she darts back and forth in front of the Sea Lion wall enclosure made of glass, Ariel seems to be playing a game of chase with a Sea Lion. Their game continues for about five minutes and then Ariel trips and falls on her knees. Just as quickly, the marine mammal stops abruptly and seems to show real, human concern for his new friend.

This sweet video is just one more reason to love animals...Sea Lions in particular!