You've heard me talk about cooking and how I don't usually enjoy it.  It's a chore to me and if I notice there's a long recipe, I usually don't even attempt to make it.  I've been sick all week and thought I would try to make my very own broccoli soup, which turned out to be a bad idea.  I followed the recipe exactly and an hour later it looked disgusting.  I forced myself to eat the soup but it was so gross.  So here I am, struggling for an hour trying to make something, when I could have just bought it pre-cooked and ready to eat.  I could have used that hour to do something that would have been more fun than cooking.

So this is why I don't really like cooking.  I would rather wash dishes than cook, if that tells you anything!  I think I'll take a break from it, unless it's something really easy I can make.  For once, I'm actually looking forward to going to the grocery store today to buy some pre-made soups.  All I have to do is heat it up and I'm ready to go.