Students and staff may have to participate in drug testing if a policy gets passed at Powers Catholic High School. According to WNEM, the principal mentioned the possibility of  a policy to board members, but nothing has been finalized.

The principal says they don't have a drug problem and that he was just thinking about putting something in place. Flint District Court Judge William H. Crawford II says his son went to the school last year and has no problems if this was approved:

'"I have seen enough cases where drugs are problems in the high schools, if my kid had to drop I would have no problems with it.'"

We talked about it this morning and received several calls and Facebook messages from teachers and parents who all thought it would be a good idea if a policy was passed. Check out a couple of comments below.

The board hasn't even voted on the measure, but if something were to pass in the future, students and staff would have to go along with the policy.