Would you consider cosmetic surgery if you were awake and it was cheaper?  One woman did and now she's suing the doctor. The woman says she was fully conscious during her procedures and says the operating room was just an oversize exam room.  Paula Hacker was the latest person to try the new "Awake" cosmetic surgery, which is performed  under local anesthesia at a fraction of the cost of a standard procedure with general anesthesia.

Hacker also claims the volume on a TV was increased so the staff didn't have to listen to her crying.  The doctor performed on her back, underarms, stomach, hips and neck, and is denying the allegations.

I don't care how much money she was going to save, it's just not worth the pain in general to go through with this kind of surgery.  Even if I had to have the surgery, I still wouldn't want to try some new procedure just to save a little money

What about you?  Would you try the new "Awake" surgery to save some money?