It was just two short years ago that Frank was told that the cancer he had been struggling with had spread to his heart and he only would live a few more months. So in order to enjoy his final days the 69-year old New Zealand man decided to spend his remaining days in luxury.

He wishes now that he could re-think it.

Frank took a loss on selling his home, created a "bucket list" of final wishes. He took his wife on a ten-day $25,000 vacation to the Fiji Islands. He also gave away more than $25,000 in tools to his friends, thinking he wasn't going to need them.

Frank also took up his old habit of smoking, something he had given up when first diagnosed with cancer.

Upon returning from his trip, Frank was prepared to die, but each morning he felt a little better, not worse. It was 23 months later that Frank learned he had been mis-diagnosed and he was actually free of the cancer. Apparently his doctor knew months before, but no one told Frank.

Happy to still be alive, Frank isn’t so thrilled that he blew all of his money and then spent the last two years not working or planning for the future. He is currently about $60,000 in debt and he and his wife say they’ve lost all faith in the health system.