This makes me physically sick.  Parent or not, this story will definitely hit a heart string.  A day care center near Atlanta took the kids on a field trip to Chuck E. Cheese's yesterday.  Upon their return they unloaded all the kids... except one.

Jazmin Green was left on the van.  Even her brother was unloaded with the others two-and-a-half hours earlier.  Her parents were contacted and told to go to the local hospital, where Jazmin was pronounced dead.

Her parents were informed that Jazmin had gone into cardiac arrest after being left in the van for almost three hours on a day where temperatures were in the 90s.  Experts say within ninety minutes the temperature inside the van likely hit 138F.

The shocker is that just months ago, that daycare center was cited by the state for the exact same thing, and was supposed to implement a system by the end of March to prevent this from ever happening again.  Obviously, a few months ago, it wasn't a hot Summer day in Georgia and no one died... but you would think they would have learned something.

Apparently, there was no new system put into effect that is adhered to, and that's why Jazmin lost her life.  My heart goes out to her parents and brother.  Three of the daycare workers are being charged with involuntary manslaughter, cruelty to children, and reckless conduct.  I hope they get what they deserve!