Here we go, another nomination for 'Mother of the Year'. If you're a parent, I'm sure you have or have had moments when you feel like your about to lose your mind or all patience with the kids. I can tell you when my kids were little, I had my moments, but never to the point of harming them like 21-year-old Jessica Callaway. Get the story after the jump.


A Phoenix woman faces three charges of child abuse, after police say she smacked her 10-month old baby and blew pot smoke in her mouth to stop her from crying.

Court documents released Tuesday say that 21-year-old Jessica Tara Callaway was arrested Saturday on the charges. She doesn't yet have an attorney.

Police wrote in court documents that officers watched a cell phone video that showed Callaway picking up her daughter by the left leg and smacking her on the leg. A few minutes later, police say Callaway smacked the baby in the face.

A Phoenix officer wrote that Callaway told police that she was having a bad day and was trying to get the baby to stop crying.

Watch the video below and see for yourself, warning it's not very pleasant.