Kathleen Carpenter who writes a blog under the name Katie Vyktoriah is a self confessed 'pathological liar'. Police believe she may have made up the whole story.This story is getting real weird. Lake County Florida Sheriff's deputies said Walmart was still searching for any evidence that Kathleen Carpenter was in fact in the Clermont Walmart that day. She claimed an unknown man yanked the headband off her son Dexter, 2, pushed him and shouted gay slurs at them both.

The woman failed to report the alleged assault to Walmart management or police but blogged about it for the Huffington Post, sparking intense outrage about the treatment from LGBT supporters across the internet. Reporting deputies committed Carpenter for a psychiatric assessment earlier this week after she began talking about suicide.

As well as phone calls, the mother-of-two received more than 11,000 emails. Original story here.