There are so many great reasons to support local businesses, they create jobs close to home, products that are locally leave a smaller environmental footprint, you know what's in it and where it came from. Nearly 50 "Made in Michigan" products will hit the shelves in select Meijer stores this week.
The Grand Rapids based grocery chain is teaming up with Michigan State University's Product Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources to promote the products. "Meijer has always had local interests in mind when choosing products," Meijer CEO Hank Meijer said. "There is a tremendous interest from our customers to buy local and support local businesses."

In Mid-Michigan, the Lapeer Meijer and Birch Run location will have the Made in Michigan" section. Products as diverse as marinara sauce to gourmet seasonings to gluten-free baking mixes and blueberry butter will be offered. Local products like Mandingo Pickles from Owosso, gluten-free baking mixes from Westwood Milling Co. of Linden can be found in this special section at Meijer. The products that do well could find a permanent spot on store shelves at Meijer.

Michigan agricultural products can be found already on most store shelves. Sugar, cereal and potato chips, craft beers, wine and many produce items are made in Michigan. Most big companies began as small companies, your support determines whether a business will survive or not. Stores like Meijer are trying to make sure you can find some of these new products easily.