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Meet The Girl Who Snacks On Plastic Water Bottles, CD Cases And Even TV Remotes [VIDEO]

photo by TLC
The TLC show ‘My Strange Addiction‘ has shown us people addicted to everything from corn starch to sleeping with hairdryers. But the new series, which starts this weekend, promises its most bizarre subjects yet.

Season three features teenager Kailyn, who admits to being hooked on eating plastic. The 18-year-old, from Sacramento, California, believes she has eaten over 60,000 plastic goods over the past 11 years, and will even choose it over food.

Watch Kailyn the human trash compactor after the jump. Added bonus video of a man who is having a love affair with his car.

Listing some of the things she has eaten, 12 remotes, over 5,000 beads, over 1,000 cocktail swords, 100 forks, about ten water bottles, two pacifiers, three CD cases, about 50 hangers, about 25 plastic lids on to-go cups.

When asked why she loves plastic so much, she explains that it is not the taste as much as the texture.

Watch a trailer from the show below.

Bonus ‘man in love with his car’.