This is pretty scary. A man was arrested Tuesday night at the Trillium Theater in Grand Blanc Twp. wearing body armor and carrying a gun.

According to the Detroit News, the FBI said that Cassidy Delavergne wasn't charged with crimes related to the gun or the amount of ammunition he was carrying. But, he has been charged with using a fake Central Intelligence Agency ID.

Delavergne was watching a movie when police arrived after someone in the theater noticed the vest and gun. An FBI spokesman declined whether to say is Delavergne planned to use the gun.

Delavergne claimed to have a concealed weapons permit and allegedly told an FBI agent he used the phony ID to minimize concerns about his gun. He is in police custody.

After the Aurora shooting last year, you think someone would know better than to wear a vest and carry a gun into a move theater. Apparently not.

What do you think should happen with Delavergne?