I would never find a piece of Valentines candy with a dirty message on it even if I was looking for it. But a 12-year-old child will find it every time. Ciara Bush says she found a naughty adult message on a piece of kid's Valentines Day candy. Her parents were stunned at what they saw. I would imagine they were.

What exactly was the dirty message? Take the jump and take a look.

The candy came from a pack of conversation hearts bought at a discount store in North Highlands, California. Deanda the father, e-mailed the candy maker and said he got a quick response. A phone call came the next day asking him to mail the candy and the entire bag back to the company so they could investigate.

Deanda said he doesn’t have any plans to sue. He just wanted to warn other parents. The story and the candy can be seen in the video below.