I've been making chocolate covered pretzels for the kids class parties for years now... ever since my wife tried it once, and I had to take over. The same thing happened with Taco Tuesday in the Fenech home.

I usually have to make 90 or more pretzels, 30 for each kid's class, but this time, it was only my daughter who wanted to take the magic pretzels. The boys opted for goodie bags, something my wife could easily handle.

Since I didn't have as high of a quota as I did during my past production runs, I had more time to spend on my daughter's order. So instead of the single-dipped, three or four-stripe pretzels that I can knock out close to one hundred of, I decided to make double-dipped, five-stripe pretzels. Hopefully, my little princess thinks I did a good job and doesn't decide to behead me!