Whether you love potato cghips or not, Lay's has an idea that they they hope to make you a "chip lover" with. As a matter a of fact, they have a lot of new ideas about how to alter chips. Here are a few:

The wait is over. Today is the day!

Frito Lay wanted to expand the market, so they introduced the "Do Us a Flavor" contest to find new flavors for the standard chip, binviting people to submit their ideas for a new flavored chip.  They are going to pick three and put them on the shelves and you can vote by which ones you buy.

Almost 4 million people sent them their ideas, which were narrowed down to three- Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles and Garlic Cheesy Bread. You can start looking for these new flavors in your favorite grocery store today.

Now, you vote with Twitter, text messages, and Facebook. There is a million dollars (or more) as a prize to the person who submitted the winning flavor. get to the store today and let the sampling begin!