It's Christmas Eve, so if you're like my brother, you're running around at the last minute trying to find gifts for everyone on your list. You have no clue where to go and you have no desire to fight the crowds at the mall, so what do you do? MSN has some great suggestions of gifts you can find at the drug store. Get the list of items after the jump.

Magazine subscriptions are perfect for anyone who loves to buy magazines all the time. Why not set someone up with a year's worth of subscriptions to their favorite tabloid trash magazine or favorite sports magazine. While you're at the drug store, you can search the DVD bin for a movie night theme Christmas gift. Grab a couple of movies and snacks and you're good to go.

An at home relaxation kit is something else you can buy for someone. Pick up some face masks, bath salts, foot scrub and a candle and you have a great gift. Or you can buy a wicker basket and fill it with a ton of hair accessories for the glamour gal in your life. Hopefully these ideas will help you while you're out shopping! Good luck and have a great Christmas!