Jermaine Jones‘ was dismissed from ‘American Idol‘ over outstanding arrest warrants. Last night on American Idol it all came out. It probably was better news about Jones than some expected after rumors of  "violent behavior" preceded the real truth. 

Last night "Idol" showed a taped discussion between Jones and the producers (shown below), where they shared their findings and his arrest record with him. The producers expressed their surprise that he would choose to try and hide the facts from them. Outstanding warrants should have been disclosed in the early stages of the "Idol" preparations. They told him, “We’re not judgmental. Kids come to us with problems.” They also acknowledged that challenged backgrounds are part and parcel of the show, since it often champions underdogs.

Jones must have been shocked to hear that if he would have come clean, they would have addressed it and helped him. He admitted he was afraid of being judged and penalized. Producers could not allow him to continue with four warrants outstanding.

Perhaps we’ll meet Jermaine Jones again.

Watch Jermaine Jones Find Out He Is Being Dismissed From ‘American Idol’